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About Artifact Lab.
The Artifact Creative Lab team has been forming for years, accumulating experience of continuous digital change from simple to complex standards of the media space.

Through international projects we have created a multicultural team of designers and digital professionals. We understand each other at a glance and communicate in eight different languages. We love our clients and partners, building only personal relationships. We care about the values of each member of our team and share new experiences and knowledge every day. Staying ahead of the times and often foreseeing important trends.
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13 yrs.
Artifact Lab.
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We are proud of our results and the team.

Today we work with clients remotely, via Zoom, Discord, Skype... there are enough available tools.

The world is gradually getting used to working remotely, which allows us to concentrate more on our tasks and current processes. As well as to cooperate with talented people worldwide.

Currently we are expanding our staff in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.
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We research the market and study the client's competitors, taking into account the ethical elements of the company
Planning is the most important part of the process, when all the necessary elements are clear, we create a roadmap and follow the plan strictly as intended.
When the structure is ready and the road is clear, that's where the magic of the unlimited range of possibilities begins, so that the client's expectations can be met by 180%
Meet Our Fantastic Team
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Our Clients Love Us
  • Alisa Gekht / Marnie
    They are absolute astronauts who work here. The speed at which they fly and the ideas they come up with are off the charts. It's a pleasure to work with you guys.
  • Mike Mikaelyan / Fixik Labs
    Until I met Ivan, I thought that the logo and it is a piece of cake. It turned out that the philosophy that is laid at the root has a justification not only for the visual perception, but also for the real success story of the entire business. Invaluable experience and results.
  • Simon Gerbert / Aspen Online
    It's a real laboratory of the minds. They are like DJs, mixing colors, ideas, movement. And yet they know the trends of the Digital market from the ground up. Quality work.
    Really enjoyed!
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Salvador Dali
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